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Mentoring and Coaching for Business and Life

including Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Choice Management
Individual Mentoring and Coaching
Group Mentoring and Coaching
Powerful Support by Email
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Individual Mentoring and Coaching

There are many differences between mentoring and coaching. Mentoring is often more long-term, and covers a broader spectrum of support to clients who are seeking a trusted advisor for ongoing consultation. Coaching tends to be more specific and structured around learning a certain skill, and/or accomplishing a particular goal or set of outcomes. As you can imagine, especially when working with a mentor or coach who has enjoyed a lengthy, successful career, with many meaningful experiences and training to draw upon, you would naturally get the benefit of both mentoring and coaching as needed.

Sheri has always blended these two models in her coaching practice, believing in the importance of meeting clients where they’re at and empowering them with real life examples, solutions and possibility-thinking, and the encouragement to reach their fullest potential while fully enjoying the journey.

Sheri has acquired considerable expertise and insights into many industries, and is a great example of what it means to continue learning and growing. In doing so, Sheri knows the value in her own life, which effortlessly transcends into her coaching and mentoring for the benefit of her clients. As a Master NLP Practitioner, one of the many tools Sheri can draw on is neuro-linguistic programming to assist you in creating, anchoring and reinforcing productive, high-impact states. Sheri is masterful at managing time and resources, and has the ability to get you to focus on what is critical; helping you to create alternative behaviours that you can consistently use to achieve more than you thought was possible!

Contact Sheri directly to discuss the support that works best for you.

What Others Have to Say...

"In a span of three years I had left my career as an international management consultant in mergers and acquisitions, moved back to Canada, started a personal training business, obtained my Bachelor of Education, and when we started working together I was just starting my new career as a high school teacher. . . Sheri taught me to view my challenges as ‘learning opportunities’ and my feelings of stress and helplessness would change to excitement at tackling the situations laid in front of me. I began to realize that I was being given an informal education in important leadership skills, which no official degree or diploma from an institute of higher education could give me."
Joti Jando,
High School Teacher, Business
". . . Sheri provides useful and practical tools, guidance, techniques and inspiration for those of us who are growing our own businesses and following our dreams and passions, while juggling the many aspects of work and life. Thank you, Sheri, for imparting your wisdom, lived experience and for your support along the journey; as you say, the 'best is yet to come'!"
Terri Segal,
Expressive Arts, Educator, Owner, Rhythmic by Nature
"Sheri has a brilliant business mind and I have had the good fortune of experiencing that during our coaching sessions. My strengths do not lie in that area so her input has been extremely valuable to me. What makes Sheri stand out from other coaches that I have worked with is her genuine desire to help others . . . It is not just about business. It's about doing whatever she can to better the lives of others."
Monique Henchey,
Honours B.Sc., Spiritual Psychotherapist, Author
"Sheri Andrunyk is a committed and passionate leader, coach, and business entrepreneur . . . Despite how long you’ve known Sheri, whether for a moment or a lifetime; she has a gift for making you feel like you've known her forever! From the first time she sits in your company, you will recognize that there is an intention, a concentration, and a sincere interest in who you are; and in that moment, a communication and a connection between two beautiful souls will have transpired with little effort . . ."
Cheryl Moore,
Social Worker, Holistic Health Practitioner
"Sheri has many talents and as a successful business woman has been a source of inspiration to me. With her many years of experience she has guided me through writing presentations and public speaking. The NLP exercises Sheri has done with me in our coaching sessions has helped me to see the big picture and to move forward with my future business plans. I am fortunate to know her . . ."
Sharon Alderson,
Certified Financial Planner
"As a seasoned business person myself, I have always been sceptical about business coaches; however, with Sheri’s many years of entrepreneurial experience, she has helped me to reframe and refocus my thoughts and actions to create not only a successful business but a balanced life . . . What an outstanding woman! I would encourage everyone to take full advantage of her services . . ."
Cheryl McCombe,
Product & Promotion
"A scarce few can actually see the “big picture.” Sheri Andrunyk has “big picture” insight and is wonderfully adept at clearing your mental clutter so that you can see it too. Far too often we get caught up in the day-to-day minutia of running our business, and lose sight of why we are in business and how to most efficiently run it . . . Sheri is gifted in her ability to listen, understand and communicate solutions that make the most of your time so you can achieve the life-work balance without compromise."
Bob Kyriakidis,
Photographer/Videographer/Owner, Digital Hero
". . . Sheri stands out in a crowd because of her positive outlook on life and the warmth and compassion she shows to her fellow men/women. She is a great source of inspiration to all (those) she has trained and mentored. Her relentless efforts and passion for what she believes in, show in the way she is able to transfer these qualities to (others) . . . Success will follow (Sheri) because of her integrity and commitment. She has always been a pillar of strength to all and is never too busy to listen and show interest in others. Sheri, it is said that a person grows by the people they know and I must say that I have grown a great deal by knowing you. All the best . . ."
Cynthia Joseph,
Senior Beauty Consultant
"For me, being inspired to start a business came naturally - until I began to realize all of the details involved! Fortunately, at about that time when I was getting more overwhelmed each day, I was introduced to Sheri. Since I have begun to work with Sheri, I am able to break down the pieces of what needs to get done in my business, prioritize them, and sure enough actually follow through on them! It helps knowing that Sheri is keeping the same list of highlighted priorities to help hold me accountable for the direction I've chosen for myself, always in a patient and encouraging manner. Sheri is generous with her ideas and her time, encompassing every area of support that a wife, mother and entrepreneur could need. Sheri is empowering me to truly reach my potential and live the life I dreamed!"
Aliza Terris,
"...You were able to break down the steps required to get there without overwhelming me... Growing and fine-tuning, plus not losing focus on the ‘big picture’ is the hardest part of having a successful business. Sheri’s coaching helped in all of these areas since she truly believes in her clients and their dreams. Sheri, thank-you... I look forward to achieving even more than I initially expected..."
Barb Singleton
"Having regular contact with you has helped me stay focused and motivated. Plus, you've provided me with some great new ideas that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. Your friendly, approachable, "can do" attitude made me look forward to our coaching sessions. I definitely know where to turn if I need help again in the future! I truly enjoyed working with you!"
Kathy Moffat
"Without having Sheri coach me in starting my business ... my plans would have never materialized. She is helpful, insightful, and to the point. I found these qualities, along with the information she provided, gave me the direction I needed to get my business started. Sheri is also a wonderful person, not just an amazing resource. She is always enthusiastic, reinforcing and loving. With all her help I was able to believe in myself and make a dream become a reality. Thank Sheri, you are my angel!"
Isa Nevsky

Advanced Group Mentoring and Coaching:

Advanced group mentoring and coaching, similar to Master Mentors©, is also available with Sheri. Simply invite four to six of your friends to participate with you, confirm an ideal time(s) you’re all available, and contact Sheri to determine her schedule and availability. Fee per person: $65 (3-session commitment) to $85 (1 session) per 1 ½ hours session, plus HST.

  • Share and celebrate your own unique gifts, growth, and accomplishments
  • Practice noticing and acknowledging your progress in life and work
  • Enjoy a collaborative model of support and gentle accountability

"When you are in your own business it is important to keep energy and enthusiasm levels in high gear. Meeting with a group of like-minded women helps keep me focused and excited about my business. I believe associating with excellence helps us reach new heights. Together... we all win."


"Meeting with this dynamic group, is an opportunity to have a "safe" space to connect with like-minded women. We all have needs, goals, and issues... We share our wisdom and experience, and support and encourage each other with great ideas! We always leave feeling wonderful...it is like we "received" exactly what we needed to guide us in the right direction."


"Master Mentors... gives women the momentum to move their life forward with a positive outlook, regardless of what is going on in their lives... We bond as a group and develop our lives and our businesses with intention and integrity."


"Trust, integrity, respect... a safe place to discuss what I want and need. Master Mentors... is where I get the support from ladies who connect at such a core level that it fills a need no other group does..."



Plus, enjoy exposure on our social media platforms, periodic editorial space in our e-newsletter, and significant savings with Staples Advantage (as approved by Women For Women).

Individual and group mentoring/coaching appointments can be done by phone, email, on-line via Google Hangout, Skype, or in-person at Sheri's home office. Please feel free to email Sheri directly with any questions you might have and/or to book a 20-minute complimentary phone session.

Powerful Support by Email:

The 21-day or 30-day challenge takes just a few minutes a day. It will help you change your thinking for the better, and encourage you to ask yourself better questions (so you get better answers). It will reinforce the positives, help you get focused, and most importantly create new and empowering habits. Although this can be facilitated by email or phone, it is more time and cost-effective via email. In addition, the act of typing or writing throughout the process, even in point form, helps to anchor the positive thoughts/changes which occur.

Programs start at $350, plus HST. For more info or to take the "21-day or 30-day challenge," email Sheri directly.

Coaching by E-Mail

"...What a difference you have made in my life. When we first met at a workshop you were giving... I was instantly drawn to your openness and eagerness to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed in their business, and I also noted the warmth and sincerity in your eyes when you spoke about living your dreams and making things happen.

You stated "21 days" is all it takes to make or break a habit. After your workshop I was sold, I thought I've tried everything else, why not try a business coach and take the "21 days", so I did. And though I was a little slow on the uptake at first, your firm but gentle guidance got me to the root of my problem and let me tell you, it was life-altering. The "21 days" that you offer truly changed the way I looked at things from both a business and personal level.

...Your help and kindness didn't end there. At the end of our 21 days you suggested I try some NLP sessions with you, so once again I did, and again the experience was life-altering. The exercises were amazing, and I find that I refer back to them almost daily, they help to keep me focused, balanced and on top of things. Now, no matter how overwhelmed or stressed I get, I can count on one of the many coaching tips, and/or NLP exercises to get me back to right where I want to be.

Sheri, it takes a special person to do what you do, you've helped me and others in so many ways, I can't even put it into words. The thought of saying "thank-you" just doesn't seem like enough, however THANK-YOU Sheri for everything! You have been and continue to be a true blessing in my life..."

Samantha Draganac

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Powerful One-Day NLP Workshops

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away.
- Thoreau

Neuro-Linguistic Programming has its roots in psychology, and is a fascinating study of how we think and communicate, verbally and non-verbally—and how we can reinforce and/or reprogram our patterns of behaviour to help us lead more fulfilling and successful lives.

Advanced Sales Training with Integrated Thinking & NLP

Experience Enlightened & Interactive Learning with Integrated Thinking & NLP
  • Increase your Effectiveness in Communication (verbal and non-verbal) and building rapport with others
  • Calibrate fine differences in human behaviour and dialogue
  • Map and access resourceful and high impact states
  • Notice the power of Visualizations and Written Reflections
  • Work together as an empowered, inspired and successful TEAM
Open Discussion & 'Q & A' on Effective Language, Follow-Up, Choice & Time Management, Goals & More

Integrated Thinking is the natural mode of thought of successful individuals, individuals like you, who move continually between attention and intention, between information they have and the actions they want to take. Integrated thinking allows strong minds to make their intentions real. It is thinking for achievement.

Personal Journey Workshop, Guiding LINK with NLP

I invite you to take a journey of refreshing self-discovery and enjoyment. I'll share stories of inspiration, along with empowering exercises, based in neuro-linguistic programming, which teaches people to change the way they think in order to change the quality of their experience/outcomes. You'll gain tools to help you overcome inner resistance, and access new strengths, skills and capabilities. This unique workshop is based on my Heart LINK series, which encourages us to quiet our mind regularly and connect to our own inner voice, embracing the little moments and what can be gleaned from them. My goal is that the Guiding LINK message inspires courage, to be true to yourself and to know that you can make a difference by the way you live your life. You'll have time to journal your thoughts, and leave this day with a renewed sense of direction, clarity and energy.


Attendee feedback:

"... I thank you so much for this beautiful afternoon. At the very least it was a time for me to work on my own healing and have some time of rest and regeneration—and that already means a LOT! But it was so much more than that, it was an incredibly inspiring and nourishing workshop that has motivated me to take action, that reminded me in every situation I have choice and that comforted me in the knowing that we are all so much more alike than we are different ..."

"To experience the journey that NLP takes you on is enlightening and profound. There are no pressures or expectations—just information and direction for 'your personal journey'. It is an awesome self-realization tool—I would highly recommend it."

"This course allowed me to become more aware of how to ... meditate ... think and feel more deeply ... get to a place in my mind and body where I am able to reflect and allow creativity to blossom ... 'Absolutely 'mind-blowing' experience ..."

"Why to take this workshop—it offers a comfortable environment to experience a new way to begin living a full and enriched life ... The exercises are easy and you can take them away and do anywhere ..."


Feel free to contact Sheri directly for upcoming dates or to book a workshop for your friends and/or colleagues.

I C Bookstore & I C Publishing - Committed to Quality Content and Design