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Here you will find some of our most current interviews, free webinars and highly motivating and useful articles to assist and guide you in your professional and personal journey. With a career spanning thirty years and a great support team behind the scenes, we can't begin to include all of our media appearances and resources here; however, I'm sure you'll find it a great mix for your perusal. You can check out my blog as well, which offers quality content on writing, publishing, creativity, goal setting, marketing, small business, and meaningful communication . . . just to name a few. Remember too, for further inspiration, education, events and opportunities, you can follow us on social media.

Wishing you meaningful success always,
Sheri Andrunyk

A Sampling of Sheri's Blog Posts:

The Power of Personal Influence
The power of our personal influence is undeniable, as are the endless possibilities we can manifest when we step into our own unique selves fully.

Expert Interview Series with Sheri Andrunyk
For those of us sharing our experience and knowledge, I believe it’s our responsibility to take a thoughtful and balanced approach to educating authors, so they can make the choice that most resonates with them.

The Value of One-to-One Coaching and Consulting
Over and over again, the value of one-to-one coaching and consulting has been proven indispensable in most of our careers, especially when we’ve aligned ourselves with the right person . . . for us.

Is it Time to Write a New Story?
To write a new story is a great metaphor for many things in our lives. Sometimes it’s about creating healthier habits. It could be initiating important changes . . .

10 Steps for More Success Now
If you daydream often, or lay awake thinking and imagining what it would be like to have . . . more confidence, a larger network, loving relationships, your own business, or your name on a book you’ve authored . . . it is possible.

Building Professional Relationships via Social Media
All we need to do is translate what we’ve always done well in conventional networking into what will work and be meaningful to us via social media.

5 Non-Tech Social Media Tips For Authors and Business Owners
Most will agree that it is important for us all to be on social media. The key is you want to be easily found and accessible to others, more now than ever. This doesn’t mean you have to be everywhere, nor does it mean you have to be “on,” let alone on-line, 24-7.

You Don't Know What You Don't Know . . . SO WHAT
Published post on LinkedIn, by approved contributor, Sheri.
Regardless of how equipped and conscientious we try to be, there are going to things we simply have to learn through the process.

What Does Your On-line Platform Say About You, Your Book, or Your Business?
Published post on LinkedIn, by approved contributor, Sheri.
It is even more critical to create not just something that looks good and represents you well visually, yet also attracts a growing, interactive audience.

5 Easy Steps for Gaining New Knowledge Weekly
Guest post by Sheri on SheOwnsIt.com
Learn how to alleviate some of the overwhelm you experience due to new technology, social media, and even the abundance of opportunities always at your fingertips these days.

Free Webinars and Interviews:

Let Your Creativity Out
Sheri shares how to be creative, foster new ideas regularly, prioritize your ideas, and how to take action.

Path of an Author… Share Your Knowledge
How to Write a Book

"Extraordinary Women TV" Interview
Sheri talks with Shannon Skinner about the world of publishing, and her first book, Hearts Linked by Courage.

More Interviews:

Rogers Woman to Woman Show with Deanne McCallum
Reinventing Yourself: Live The Life You Have Always Wanted With Sheri Andrunyk
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Rogers Woman to Woman Show with Deanne McCallum
Your Story … Hope … Courage … Happiness With Author of
Hearts Linked by Courage, Sheri Andrunyk, and story contributor, Cheryl McCombe
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

More about Hearts Linked by Courage
About the Author and Book

About the Author and the Book

This is often delivered with a panel of story contributors accompanying Sheri for part of her message, depending on the time available, and needs of event and audience.

Sheri Andrunyk is the Author and Publisher of Hearts Linked by Courage, a powerfully poignant, hope-filled collection of real-life stories. In this exceptional keynote, Sheri will awaken you in your own journey, and remind you of the often similar path that others are on. She will stir compassion and healing. Her message is meant to move you and it will; it's meant to encourage you and it does!

From Sheri:
"...The purpose of this book and message is simple. It is to encourage compassion and kindness in others, and to look beyond what you see or hear. Everyone has a story, many actually-like the ones in this book, and also like the ones that are not in this book, because we're not quite ready to share and embrace the pain associated with those experiences. When we are ready though, we will always have a choice, and there are many ways to heal-sharing your story is one way, because it helps another know that they're not alone ... and perhaps it reassures us too.

I believe that the difficult and challenging times in our lives, is what defines us most. There is profound teaching in every situation, if we are open to it.

What this book is not about, is magnifying or belabouring these sometimes incredibly tragic moments-it is about honouring them actually, and celebrating the learning, wisdom and appreciation we gained for what is . . . and isn't 'now'.

Hearts Linked by Courage is a collection of inspirational stories, ones of courage, cancer diagnosis, surviving and thriving after abuse, the loss of a loved one and more! They're meant to give you hope and encouragement that inspires you to have faith, learn from your experiences, be present and thankful every day, and take the higher road in life, regardless of what life throws at you.

And when you are in the depths of the "going through" phase, let these stories be a reminder that this too shall pass and you are not alone."


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Blog Tours Sponsored by I C Publishing

A great way to elevate meaningful conversation and connections!

During each blog tour we invited an inspired and seasoned group of professionals to join us in sharing their experiences and best advice, ultimately creating a mini-masterpiece of motivation and real-life support on each topic.

Creating Bites, Blogs, Talks, and Books

Summer 2015 Blog Tour Sponsored by I C Publishing

Virtual Book Tour

Working From Home & Making It Work©

A must-have resource for anyone striving for success on their own terms in work and in life Virtual Book Tour 2012-13
By Sheri Andrunyk
Author & Holistic Business Coach
Founder of Insightful Communications (I C ) Publishing


More about Working From Home & Making It Work©
About the Author and Book

About the Author and the Book

In this highly resourceful, easy-to-read book, Working From Home & Making It Work©, Sheri Andrunyk will become your new and trusted "Go To Person" on almost everything - from creating the elusive work/life balance, healthy and lasting relationships, and exceptional self-management, to defining challenges for what they are, embracing change and enjoying true success on your own terms.

Sheri has a passion for all forms of meaningful communication, and expertise in numerous areas, providing invaluable guidance to clients and colleagues alike.

She is a wife, mom, daughter and friend to many. Professionally, Sheri is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Inspiring Speaker, Holistic Business and Life Coach, and Self-Published Author turned Independent Canadian Publisher.

Over the course of a career spanning three decades in a variety of fields including direct sales, the home show industry, event production and consulting, Sheri has successfully run several companies and greatly values her ever-expanding and supportive network and client base.

Ever the introvert, Sheri proves what is possible when you come from a place of integrity within yourself and with others, and truly want to make a difference whatever your role. This has been the inspiration and driving force for her own personal transformation over the years - and she generously shares it with us in Working From Home & Making It Work.

Sheri also writes a very informative blog on the business of writing, marketing, publishing, and entrepreneurship, and you can follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


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"Sheri's book is a must-read; it provides useful and practical tools, guidance, techniques and inspiration for those of us who are growing our own businesses and following our dreams and passions, while juggling the many aspects of work and life. Thank you, Sheri, for imparting your wisdom, lived experience and for your support along the journey; as you say, the 'best is yet to come'!"

Terri Segal
Expressive Arts Therapist, Facilitator and Educator
Owner/Director, Rhythmic by Nature

"Sheri has captured the essence of what you need to know in order to do as the title says, 'Working From Home & Making It Work'. Sheri lays out the steps and explains the details behind them. My favourite chapter is 'Leadership' because it hits home that in order to be an effective leader of others; you must have your own path figured out. If you truly want to make your business successful, especially if home-based, then this book is for you . . .!"

Bob Kyriakides
Digital Hero

. . . Sheri truly walks her talk with humility and unyielding ethics. She has taken her many years of experience and coaching, and created an inspirational 'how-to' plan for anyone to follow and see their dream of 'working from home and making it work' a reality."

Carla Crothers, PhD.
Cookbook Author, Carla's Canadian Comfort Food

. . . Sheri's book is full of practical advice, piercing insight and heart-warming guidance."

Grace Cirocco
International Speaker and Author, Take the Step, the Bridge will be There

"Sheri Andrunyk is a committed and passionate leader, coach, and business entrepreneur. The spirited intention she has to better herself, her business, and the path of all those whom she touches seems to know no bounds! Despite how long you've known Sheri, whether for a moment or a lifetime; she has a gift for making you feel like you've known her forever! From the first time she sits in your company, you will recognize that there is an intention, a concentration, and a sincere interest in who you are; and in that moment, a communication and a connection between two beautiful souls will have transpired with little effort. In her ongoing effort to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, Sheri has now put together this creative compilation of essays, exercises, and stories that will inspire and direct you to create the home business that you desire for yourself. There is no doubt that this book is a 'keep close' guide; and if you didn't know Sheri before you read it, by the time you are completed, you will certainly feel that she knows you!"

Cheryl Moore
Social Worker, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Fellow Home-based Entrepreneur

"Sheri truly exemplifies 'working from home and making it work'. This book really provides good insight and tips to do just that, from someone who has been there and done it, Sheri Andrunyk.

I know Sheri to be a very understanding and giving person, always ready to lend a hand or give a good piece of advice when asked. Sheri is a trail blazer. She has been successful in all the businesses she has developed. I am amazed at her tenacity and her ability to form groups and bring them together. I am especially grateful for the work she has done to create the Master Mentors mastermind and networking chapters. This is a wonderful opportunity for women to get together to mentor and inspire each other. Thank you, Sheri, for all you do. You are truly a remarkable woman."

Karen Thompson
District Manager, Arbonne International
Business Owner, Cartridge Works

"I first started working with Sheri in September, 2011 during a period of my life when I seemed to be going through significant changes. In a span of three years I had left my career as an international management consultant in mergers and acquisitions, moved back to Canada, started a personal training business, obtained my Bachelor of Education, and when we started working together I was just starting my new career as a high school teacher.

I felt overwhelmed by the transition from the private sector to the public sector world of education. The normal stresses associated with the high learning curve of being a first year teacher were compounded by the fact that I had entered a school with a change in leadership, and I was still running my personal training business. I needed help and I knew who to call.

I met Sheri when I became a member of the Mississauga chapter of Women for Women and I was always inspired by her teachings when she facilitated our chapter's Master Mentor Meetings. I knew she was the perfect person to help me during my career transition. As soon as I reached out to Sheri for coaching, she immediately made me feel at ease. She gave me the confidence to believe that I would be able to cope with the stress I was under and more importantly she made me feel like I wasn't alone.

Sheri was there for me! There were a number of times when I would pick up the phone without a scheduled appointment, because I just needed to talk. Sheri would display her usual calm and patience, which would make a challenge that seemed insurmountable so easy to cope with, simply by her ability to help change my perspective of the situation.

Sheri taught me to view my challenges as 'learning opportunities' and my feelings of stress and helplessness would change to excitement at tackling the situations laid in front of me. I began to realize that I was being given an informal education in important leadership skills, which no official degree or diploma from an institute of higher education could give me."

Joti Jando
High School Teacher, Business


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