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Communicating in a Character Culture
with Tact, Integrity, and Courage in the Workplace
- Author Kathleen Redmond

Communicating in a Character Culture is the second book in the La Maison du Parc Series.

About the Book

First, The Story: The story continues to play out at the La Maison du Parc restaurant, and follows the day-to-day experiences, challenges and solutions that Claire (the owner), the managers, and staff, hope to find, as they work towards developing healthy, constructive communication with the help of an Executive Coach.

Secondly, The Evidence: With the assistance of a skilled researcher, Joshua Leblanc, MA, the second part of the book offers evidence to substantiate the concepts and tools introduced in part one. The Character Culture Framework was presented in Building a Character Culture, and this book, Communicating in a Character Culture, builds on the framework.

Thirdly, The Tools: The third part of the book summarizes the hands-on tools discussed and applied in the story.


I've never seen an organizational performance book where a captivating story and an evidenced-based framework fuse so craftily to stir the leader/reader in contemplating the daunting task of creating a character culture in her organization! This third book from Redmond reads like a novel, but provokes thought like a leadership classic through its comprehensive and methodical culture-shaping process. The metaphor of the "character home" as the setting for the building of a "character culture" is one of many brilliant ways the author conveys the significance and benefits of morphing reactive workplaces into intention-driven workplaces where TRUST is palpable, VALUES shared, and BELIEFS checked. This book will best serve the leader who embraces coaching as a means of communicating with and engaging the workforce in the context of an important change initiative in an organization of any type or size."

Marie-Claude (MC) Lessard, ACC, CEC
Personal Development Coach

About The Author

Kathleen Redmond, MA, MCC, is an international corporate trainer, graduate program university instructor, and executive coach who humbly supports leaders across North America in developing character-based approaches to workplace challenges. She is the founder of the Centre for Character leadership.


Paperback version
Price $19.95 plus tax and shipping (120 pages)
E-Book (Mobi, or ePUB) $19.95 plus tax.

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